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Organizational Challenges in Safety Recall Management

With thousands of products from multiple vendors, organizations today face a critical challenge in managing safety recall alerts. The sources of safety alert information are multiple and disparate. To make matters more complicated, operations today are distributed geographically across the globe and relationships are complex and multi-faceted. This leads to fragmentation and duplication of effort, delay in the dissemination of information and lack of visibility across the enterprise.

Strategies in Safety Recall Management

In order to mitigate risks, organizations are increasingly raising awareness via education and communication. Senior leadership in multiple organizations are promoting and supporting a centralized product safety management process, which is viewed as the only way to have effective management and visibility across the enterprise. Adoption of technology to automate tasks and streamline information has been viewed as a critical factor in making this process successful.

Introducing HazardTrack™

HazardTrack™ is a comprehensive service that provides organizations the ability to manage alerts and hazardous recalls in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our service addresses the following:

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Our clients have experienced various advantages of using HazardTrack™. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined alert distribution and management workflow
  • Comprehensive Tracking, Management and Escalation
  • Fast adaptation to multiple and complex organizational structures
  • Enhanced visibility to relevant information
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