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  • Simplified Management of Data from Multiple Sources

Recall and Safety alert information originates from a multitude of sources including:

  • Federal Agencies
  • State Agencies
  • Manufacturers
  • Independent rating agencies
  • Organization internal information
  • Foreign Organizations
  • User Groups
  • These multiple sources of information cause:

Duplication, redundancy and/or overlapping of information from a single or multiple sources.

Similar or related alert data from multiple sources, being delivered at different timing results in response delays and confusion for the users.

Alert information is received through multiple delivery methods including:

  • Paper
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Online Posting/URL/Links
  • Problem:

Organizations spend a significant amount of time and resources sorting through the alert information, trying to make sense of all the data rather than responding to the alert.

HazardTrack™ features can help:
  • Centralized Alert Repository aggregates all alert information into a single location, enabling easy access to alert details regardless of source.
  • Linking of similar or duplicate alerts from multiple sources, reduces redundancy.
  • Duplicate Checking feature reduces amount of redundant alerts and duplication of effort.
  • Search feature enables easy visibility into existing alerts and their status, to reduce duplicate effort.
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